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Italy’s History with Gluten Free

Italy’s History with Gluten Free
Italy is known for many things such as its historic sights, beautiful coasts, but most importantly its world-renowned cuisine.
Italy’s culture for food dates back to centuries ago, and today it’s basically food heaven.
What people often do not realize is that Italy is heaven for gluten free eating too.
It may seem hard to believe that the birthplace of fresh pasta and pizza is also a pioneer for gluten free foods but it’s true!
The reason is pretty simple: Italians eat the most carbs and therefore they realized a lot of people are intolerant.
On average, Italians eat about 28kg of pasta a year compared to Americans that eat only 4kg. It makes sense that the more people eat gluten, the more turn out to be allergic, because how can you find out you’re allergic or intolerant to something if you don’t consume it?
For this reason, Italy was one of the first countries to start researching a way to cook without using gluten.
You can rest assured that Italian chefs, throughout the country, brought their passion into this new challenge and it resulted in Italy being leader in the gluten free world.
It is not unusual for Italians to find many gluten free options in cafes and restaurants while strolling through the towns. In fact, it’s almost a must due to the high demand from consumer for gluten free products.
And while that is a beautiful thing, we don’t see why we couldn’t offer the same convenience to others living abroad.
What we are hoping to do, is bring some of that Italian Gluten Free flavor to different corners of the world.

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